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Wesley Typhoon

Typhoon Pressure Washer

Compact, user-friendly and innovative hot water units

The Typhoon mobile, hot water pressure washers are designed for industrial and commercial use. Ideal for use where hygiene is an important issue such as industrial kitchens, swimming pools, wash rooms and refuse bins, as well as the capacity to clean fleets of vehicles.

Economical and efficient.

The typhoon model can be set to optimum fuel and detergent efficiency

The upright coil with double winding provides highly efficient and clean combustion, all encased in a stainless steel boiler. Powerful heating capacity for heavy duty cleaning tasks. Picture Direct drive of high pressure pump.
Fan and fuel oil pump powered from one shaft provides high efficiency.
typhoon pressure washer
  • Powerful endurance tested single phase and three phase motor on the Typhoon models with overload protection as standard ( Picture of machine with top off)
  • Typhoon 150A (3 phase) Powerful working pressure of 150 bar producing 600 litres of water per hour for optimum performance
  • Durable and reliable.
  • A tough steel chassis coupled with a built in plastic fuel tank and body offers the following advantages:
  • No corrosion
  • Reduced noise level
  • low revving motor of 1450 rpm for long life protection
  • This model is made highly manoeuvrable by coupling two large solid wheels at the rear with a central swivel wheel positioned at the front

    Simplicity itself:

    A single dial on the machine sets the temperature and selects the cold and hot water modes. Thermostatic controls are used to set the burner at the desired temperature

    Built-in pressure gauge allows the operator to constantly monitor the current pressure

    Easily connected to an outside chemical source via the inlet pipe. This pipe, complete with filter, extends from the rear of the machine and is then submerged in the detergent tank. The chemical/detergent is then drawn into the typhoon using an injector and spayed at low pressure.

    Powerful and robust
    With a powerful air-cooled, single phase motor(110A/120A) or three phase motor (150A), these high performance cleaners are not only robust and powerful but compact.

    Wesley Tornado

    Wesley Nova Tornado Pressure Washer

    The professionals choice

    General purpose hot water pressure washers designed for performance. This mobile unit is used throughout industry where a machine is needed for tough continuous daily use. The professional choice from agriculture to construction and Car forecourts to haulage companies.

    Everything under control.

    Safety and user convenience are given top priority. Clear indicator lamps for monitoring motor, burner operation, low fuel cut-out and electrical safety. Adjustable metering allows an economical use of detergent solution.
  • Pressure gauge for easy monitoring
  • Built in 6 litre break tank
  • 24 Volt control panel Plenty of power. Air-cooled electric motor drives the high pressure pump producing up to 15lt per minute at up to 200 Bar High pressure chemical spray providing top rate cleaning results

    Operator convenience.

  • Spray lance and high -pressure hose are pivot-mounted for comfortable fatigue-free operation even over extended periods.
  • Available as a bypass (Tornado 100B)or total stop machine (Tornado 100A)

    Short setting-up times.

  • Detergent and fuel tanks are filled from outside without opening the machine cover.
  • 20l Chemical tanks are made of corrosion-free plastic
  • 16l fuel tank for extended periods of use·

    Built to last

  • One piece powder-coated chassis for maximum protection against corrosion
  • Low revving motor1450 rpm ceramic pistons
  • All stainless steel boiler casing tested to 5000psi Brass cylinder head with integrated pressure and water flow control
  • Brass and stainless steel safety valve to prevent pressure overload.
  • Long life high-pressure hose, Continuous-duty pressure 400 bar, high temperature resistant to 155C

    Total stop version is also available

  • This not only saves energy but protects the seals for a long life. Total Stop is a feature that shutsunit shuts down when the trigger is released. Instant restart when the trigger is pulled.
  • Stainless steel overflow valve. Ensures a long wear life as well as resistance to chemicals and corrosion



    Hurricane Pressure Washer

    Top of the range mobile unit for continuous duty operation
    Hurricane Pressure Washer


    Sets the standard

    Sets the standard for heavy duty mobile pressure washers in the automotive industry, agriculture, construction , haulage and many more.

    The Highest safety standard in its class.

    Convenience and safety are the main priorities. The Hurricane is designed to be a straight forward heavy duty machine which is economical to run and easy to maintain and service

    The Hurricane 100A One Switch model offers

    Low fuel cut out
    Low Chemical cut out
    Low water cut out
    LED Status lights Constant monitoring of the important machine functions
    24 V safety voltage
    Adjustable chemical flow switch for economical use of detergents
    Water break tank

    The Hurricane 100A 'One Switch' offers preset controls for the customer on pressure ,water flow, chemical flow and operating temperature all set to their individual requirements. Once set these functions can not be altered by the operator. The in built, safety and one switch features lessen the effect of machine misuse

    · Delayed auto stop: unit shuts down when the trigger is released and restarts automatically when the trigger is pulled This ensures a long pump service life.
    · Time out version is also available. This will turn the machine off completely if not used for a period of 5 minutes

    Heavy duty cleaning power
    · Powerful heating capacity provides hot water at up to 140 c for heavy duty steam cleaning
    · High pressure chemical delivery for highly effective cleaning
    · Chemical and fuel tanks of 25l are made of corrosion-free plastic
    · A highly efficient direct drive three piston pump with ceramic pistons for a smooth and quiet in operation.

    Additional features

    · Stainless steel cover
    · Brass cylinder head for a long corrosion free life
    · Steel chassis and tubular steel frame with integral handle
    · 4 solid large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
    · Low revving motor ensures an extended pump life
    · the stainless steel lance is complete with a swivel tail connection which prevents the hose from tangling during cleaning

    Optional as a 110 Volt machine for the industrial workplace. this complies to the Health and Safety industry standard in the construction industry
    Hurricane Pressure Washer





    Hydra Pressure Washer

    Trailer mounted Hydra 175 DT Pressure Washer

    The manoeuvrability of the Hydra 175 DT Pressure Washer, coupled with the ability to carry a large volume of water and detergents make it ideal for applications in the agriculture and forestry industries as well as for Councils and construction sites
    Hydra Pressure Washer Go anywhere capability with diesel engines.

    This highly manoeuvrable diesel powered Hydra pressure washer, mounted in a sturdy tubular steel frame is ideal for the tough professional applications such as those found in the plant hire business it is also suitable for graffiti and gum removal etc in pedestrian areas, cleaning vehicle chassis and plant equipment.
    High performance package with rugged time proven and economical low emission Honda engines Easy engine start - electric starter has engine running in seconds

    Skid mounted Hydra 175DS Pressure Washer

  • Hydra 175DS Pressure Washer has an easy start Honda GX411, 9 hp engine
  • Fuel tank with a capacity of 20litre
  • Operates at 175 BAR pumping 900 litres of water per hour
  • Low pressure detergent application and high pressure water can be alternated using the control handle on the lance Picture
  • The brushless generator is maintenance free and guaranteed for a long operating life
  • Corrosion resistant with rugged tubular steel, powder coated frame
  • Safety valve protects unit against overpressure
  • Hard wearing nickel plated pump
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame for mechanical handling with forklift truck or crane
  • Automatic engine shut down when the oil level is low
  • Controls for variable adjustment of pressure and water flow rate.
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  • Hydra 175DT is designed to be trailer mounted for towing and easy manoeuvrability, on and off road.
  • Hydra 175DT diesel engine air-cooled 4 stroke engine with electric starter and generator
  • The trailer mounted model comes as standard with a 80 litre water tank
  • A convenient built in detergent tank holding 25liters of detergent
  • Add on kits for hose reel

    Water Bowser Pressure Washer

    Pressure Washer Bowser

  • High pressure/high volumn interpumps to get the job finished quickly
  • 200 Bar 15 Litres per Minute
  • 1250 litre water storage
  • Various engine options petrol of diesel, honda or lombardini, others may be avalible.
  • Single axle or twin axle versions are avalible on a heavy duty chassis are galvanised.
  • Water Bowser Pressure Washer a water bowser and high pressure cleaner in one

    Thunder 200 DH Water Bowser
    Thunder 200 PH Water Bowser

    The ultimate in remote pressure washer cleaning

    With the bowser pressure washer coming complete with its own water supply, cleaning in difficult area's is a problem no more.

    Additionl Information

    1250 Litre Water Storage
    Diesel or Petrol Honda engine
    Electric Start(Diesel)
    Nickle Plated Interpump
    Full Raod Lightening(U.K.)
    2-1 Reduction Gear Box
    Engine Start Off Load Valve
    Automatic Pump Over heat Protection
    15 Metre High Pressure Hose Reel
    Optional 15 Metre Supply Hose Reel
    Convenient Hand Lance Storage
    Engine Sub-Frame
    Galvanised Trailer with Overrun and Auto Reverse Breaking
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