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We can offer leasing facilities to both established and new businesses (subject to status).

Frequently asked questions

Should I pay cash or lease?

  1. All leasing payments are rental payments and as such are an allowable business expence. Therefore if your business is making profits the payments will reduce the profit by the amount you pay each year, which in turn reduces your tax bill.
  2. Lease payments are normally the same amount throughout the lease term. This means that increases in intrest rates do not affect you and enable you to budget your cash flow more effectively.
  3. Leasing enables you to save your cash for other purchases suchas stock, staff training, advertising, and new business opportunities.

Do my lease payments increase if inflation or intrest rates rise?

    NO.    Your monthly payments are fixed at the start of the lease and so are unaffected by intrest rate rises. This enables you to budget your cash flow more accurately.

Are there any tax benifits assosiated with leasing?

     Yes.    A bussiness wishing to aquire capital equipment has to seek the most tax efficient way when doing this. All lease payments are treated as an allowable business expense and therefore attracts tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement. Your accountant will be able to cofirm this.

How do I make my monthly payments?

     All payments are made by direct debit to the finance company on the same date each month.

Should I go to the bank for money?

     Using your bank for all of your business  funding is not always good practice. If you use all of your overdraft facility you leave yourself in a vunerable position to react to any unexpected needs of short term borrowing.
      Your bank can change the intrest rate mid way through your loan or reduce your overdraft facility, which can dramaticlly affect the cash flow of your business. Sometimes banks will limit the amount they will lend you without further security, for example taking charge of you home.

Who leases?

     Nearly every market sector, large or small, benifits from leasing, from new start businesses to large established companies.

What can I lease?

     Any machines and equipment with a value (or combined value) of £1000  to several thousand pounds.

Why should I lease?

     Leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment. It is a recognised as the preferred option forasset financeas it gives bussinesses the following benifits: tax effiiciency, effective budgeting, improved cash flow, and the freedom to buy the best equipment for the job - today.

How does a lease work?

     A lease agreement is a contract between you, the customer, and a leasing company. This contract enables you to use equipment over a period of time on payments of rentals to the leasing company. With a typical lease agreement, you make a series of regular payments  ( usually on a monthly basis). thus helping cash flow, as opposed to a large capital outlay for the equipment.

 (Information curtisy of Shire Leasing)